Keep It Positive

Maintaining a positive relationship with your child is essential to growing a healthy, emotionally fit adult. If your relationship isn’t ideal now, you can take some steps to improve it. 

  • First, show an interest in your child’s extracurricular activities whether it’s sports, music, or something else.
  • Turn off the electronics at dinner and eat together as a family. This supports the idea of family first and gives you time to have your child’s undivided attention. It also gives your child time to have your undivided attention. Win-win.
  • Be the parent. Your child has plenty of friends at school. Don’t bend the rules to avoid arguments; stick to them.
  • Spend time together. Sure, your family is a busy one, but find time on a regular basis to spend quality time together. It could be a weekly Friday night movie, a daily walk together, or some reading time at the end of a crazy day. Regular moments spent together will show your child that you value her company, which will reap rewards in the years to come!

You’ll see immediate improvement in your relationship simply by showing an interest in your child’s activities, engaging her in conversation on a daily basis, and spending time together. For more ideas, enjoy reading “10 Tips to Make Parent-Child Relationships Stronger” from About Parenting.

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