Why is YPS always seeking Grant Money?

Firstly, YPS and the governing board are grateful for the support from our community, especially the private landowners. YPS is working diligently to ensure good, positive stewardship of the money we receive. YPS is debt-free, owing no outside entity for any asset or equipment. But, YPS is part of a select group in Arizona. It’s all based upon the school funding formula. 

School funding in Arizona is determined by a formula approved by the Arizona Legislature. Part of the formula is the tax rate for each school district. County treasurers collect property taxes to distribute among the entities entitled to a portion. There are 14 school districts in Arizona that do not get the full amount of taxes from their landowners to meet the legislated formula. These districts have too little privately-owned land to generate the full amount of revenue. The districts are considered tax-capped. Young Public School is one of these districts. 

Therefore, even though we receive more than 88% of the tax revenue we should get to operate according to the formula, our spendable amount is always short. To make up the difference we seek outside funding, like grants, to fill the hole.

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